The old saying goes - practice makes perfect. Well, practice at Nemix makes double perfect.

All of our acoustically treated rooms come packed out with high-quality backline and PA equipment specially selected by professional sound engineers for quality, reliability and how many cool flashing lights it has.

Rehearse at Nemix and you’ll hear the benefit of using industry-standard equipment such as Shure microphones, Soundcraft mixing desks, Yamaha active PA speakers, Orange, Vox and Ampeg amplifiers and Mapex drum kits – all included at no extra cost. Your ears will appreciate it.

" We love coming to nemix, the welcome is second to none and they have a dog"
" Run by some of the loveliest and most supportive people you will meet."
Savannah Betts
" Huge rooms, awesome gear and a very warm reception."
Al Hall
" Best rehearsal space in Newcastle by some distance."
Ross Kerr
" Best place to practice I've ever been!"
Laura Henderson

Room 1£14 p/hr

Rehearse in a true gig environment in Room 1, complete with stage and panoramic views of Newcastle.

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Room 2£12 p/hr

Spacious and bright, Room 2 is suitable for any larger bands or performers to rehearse in complete comfort.

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Room 3£10 p/hr

Our most intimite space, Room 3 is perfectly suited to solos/duos, acoustic artists and smaller bands.

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