• Spacious, comfortable rooms
  • Full backline included
  • Prices from £10 per/hr
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  • Prices from £140 per day
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  • Clean, modern facilities,
  • chilled atmosphere and free
  • tea and coffee for all *
    Please note due to the UK Government's austerity economics we are currently only able to offer one free tea or coffee per visitor per visit. Until such a time as tea, coffee, water and milk become self-producing this limit will remain in place. Applying for a second tea or coffee can have a negative effect on your credit rating and may effect your ability to apply for a future cup of tea or coffee. Your home is at risk of repossession if you secure further cups of tea or coffee against it.


We are Nemix, and we’ve been expecting you.

Just five minutes walk away from Newcastle Central Station, Nemix Recording Studio and Rehearsal Rooms offers you:

  • Three professionally kitted out rehearsal spaces
  • A high tech recording studio
  • All in relaxed and comfortable surroundings

Get in touch today and come and see why Nemix is becoming Newcastle’s favourite musical hub.


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